Marketplace Offers Tools for Local Welfare Reform Coverage

Today marks “the end of welfare as we have come to know it,” when President Bill Clinton signed a bill that would dramatically transform the country’s welfare system.

Make a local connection by using the Marketplace database tool to pull charts, graphs and user-friendly information about how welfare spending has changed in your state since the passage of welfare reform. We call it: Your State on Welfare. Features include:

  • Both national and state-specific data detailing how welfare funds are spent (from the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities) presented as a data tool exclusively by Marketplace
  • Shareable and embeddable charts, graphs and other visuals that explore this important data
  • State pages that highlight key findings

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This Weekend on APHC – August 20, 2016 – Any Minute Now

Rebroadcast from July 2013, featuring Colin Hay, Paula Poundstone, Martin Sheen & Lily Tomlin

This week, it’s a star-studded rebroadcast of our June 2013 visit to the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles, California. Scottish-Australian institution and world-class songwriter Colin Hay sings “Overkill” and tells the story of why everyone’s always “Looking for Jack,” and our Royal Academy of Radio Actors gets an infusion of Hollywood royalty, with Paula PoundstoneMartin Sheen, and Lily Tomlin lending their voices to Guy Noir and The Lives of the Cowboys. Plus: Jearlyn and Jevetta Steele light up the California night with “Are You Ready for a Miracle?” and Garrison delivers a poignant tribute to a family cat. In Lake Wobegon: A few tales of graduation ceremony pranks from over the years. Continue reading

Celebrate NPS Anniversary with “Cinema in the Parks”

The National Park Service’s 100th anniversary is next week! Next Thursday, August 25 marks the big day, but we’ll keep the celebration going with music from well-known films shot in the parks, and at our national monuments and historic sites.

Our “Cinema in the Parks” special includes scores from films that feature our National Parks. Host Lynne Warfel engages listeners with NPS history, highlights where parks make their on-screen appearances, and explains how music is used in those scenes.

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Reach Rio with BBC World Service

The BBC World Service continues to provide a wide range of Olympic Games offerings:

Reaching for Rio
The Olympic and Paralympic Games capture the whole world’s attention, and “Reaching for Rio” brings you the stories and achievements of the individual athletes that excite and entertain, which are the essence of the Games. “Reaching for Rio” shares the stories of individual journeys and achievements, and athletes’ global dreams.

BBC World Service’s new daily social media cards also feature a variety of images and quotes from Rio. Learn more about these new digital tools.



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More new offerings for APHC

Photo by Devin Pedde

Photo by Devin Pedde

As we ramp up to the October 15 season premiere, we have audiences (and stations!) old and new in mind. We’re committed to offering new ways to reach audiences where they are.

Last week, we shared a letter from host Chris Thile, as well as new headshots and promo spots.

This week, we’re excited to offer even more ways to engage your listeners.

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Rev Up Your Labor Day Weekend

The Ride -KPCC’s The Ride is all about modern mobility. If it moves, if you can ride in it, or on it, we’re talking about it. From radical ideas, like designing cities for people rather than cars, to exploring how our identities got so entwined with our mode of transportation and the pure joy of getting on something and going fast, The Ride takes you there in style. Come along for a ride on a custom motorbike with actor Keanu Reeves, explore our relationship with personal space on public transit, and much more.

This hour-long exploration of mobility is available now and makes a great addition to your Labor Day weekend lineup. This special edition of KPCC’s The Ride includes a billboard and promo spots.

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